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The Green Circuits Podcast

Episode 9 · 2 years ago

Why Quick Turn Prototypes Matter


We are talking with Huiling Pan, the Prototype / Quick Turn Business Unit Manager at GreenCircuits.

Green Circuits is a leading Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) prototype and low to medium volume production manufacturer. 

Huiling explains why quick turn prototypes are important, how quickly Green Circuits can complete the process, and how Green Circuits delivers both speed and quality to their customers. 

You can contact Green Circuits at or 408-526-1700 

Welcome to a green circuits podcast. Today were talking with hoiling Pan, the prototype quick turn business unit manager green circuits. Green circuits is a leading printed circuit board assembly, PCBA, prototype and load of medium volume production manufacturer. Green circuits history extends back to two thousand and one. With a commitment to quality and a focus on speed and service, green circuits provide services to a wide variety of industries and manufactures of extremely complex products. Green circuits is Etar certified and operates under ISO one thousand three hundred and eighty five, as ninety one hundred and is nine thousand one certifications. COILING PAN, thanks for joining us today on Green Circuits podcast. Okay, hi, name. Thanks for having me today. You're very welcome. So let's talk a little bit about your background. What what's your background and how did it lead you here today with green circuits? Okay, so actually I moved to the bay area around ten years ago and I have been working in the electronics manufacturing service companies for...

...about nine years, in which I spend almost four and a half years working as a program manager for one of the worst biggest PCP manufacturers, and then I joined up howdy science services which is a PCBA assembly company in two dozen, sixteen and now is called Queen circuits. So in both PCD and the PCBA companies, I mainly support customers for the e quick to and prototype minus. Okay, so when you were when you were in school and you were you were learning about a variety of different things. How did you decide to go into this line of work? What led you here? Yes, actually, as print the circuit board has nothing to do with what I have studied in the college. So but you know, I moved to this country, as I said, like almost ten years ago. So the first place I stopped by is in the bay area, in a bay area. So basically it's in a second valley where all the high tech companies here. So that's... I lend it to you, a precy be manufacturer. So that's how I started in this industry. And what is a PCB? A quick term prototype. So PCB, a quick term prototype, is actually about building and assembling a PCB with the shortest leak time. So prototype is actually like an evaluation of a new design. So when we talk about a quick term, is actually all about a speed and it could be as short as twenty four hours, and that is one of the things that green circuits is known for, their quick turnaround and being able to provide great service. So what exactly? So why are the PCB a quick term prototypes really needed? Yeah, so, as you know, in Silicon Valley here, so you know, everything is we are talking about speed. Everything running so fast and right now, if they would rapid development of the technology in every industry. So engineers...

...are actually competing with time. So time to market is really really critical when launching new products. So the first to introduce a new type of product usually has a very large competative advantage in the market. So whenever you have an electronic devices right like your iphone or TV, whatever you using daily, there are pcbas. So quicktim prototypes are helping engineer to evaluate and validate their new designs in the shortest period of time before the stuffs successfully launching the production. So Proto testage also is normally where the issues, if there were any, would be fund or trouble shooting could be made. And what is green circuits offer customers in PCBA quick term prototypes? So again we offer the speed. So when we talk about quick term, is again all about a speed so when the customer as as for a quick term product types, will be able... turn around our clothes as far as as two hours, of course, depending on the compacity of the design or the coal requirements from the customer. So we can support one day to day and three day turn which are typically considered as quick turn and of course we will review the bill requirement in detail before we commit the shortage building time to our customers. So in general, speed on time, delivery and quality are equally important and that's what we offer to our customers and what we come to our customers. That was going to be my next question because you hear something happens very quickly, very quickly, you're written. Your next concern is what is the quality level of what I'm getting, and you sort of address that in there. That quality is part of the quick turn. Yes, yes, yeah, question is actually very important. Is Very essential. Factor is a BACH PCB product, ty R so so pro type. Again, it's a way to evaluate needed sign so...

...the factor, the prototype, is the truth, the cline the production can be launched. So you know, for example, now there's people always waiting for the end new generation of the new iphone. So so we doing quick turn and actually have to explite a manufaction process for so which enables and they need to have more time for the opposed evaluation or trouble shooting, if any. Now, do you complete any product testing of these prototypes? Yes, we are will. We can complete a testing for our customer, but this is all pro customers requirements. For example, we will all for AOI, X Ray, fly in, protest, burning and also functional test. So, for example, for functional tests, we basically test per customers requirement, meaning the customer provide a test procedure or sometimes even the equipment so we can test to it. Now, how can green circuits help manufactures in PCB a quick turn prototypes? So we provide actually turnkey solution to our customer. That...

...means up from the sourcing the PCB processing of components until completion of the assembly. So it will require we can also how our customer with the a PCD or PCB a layout design. We can also perform the FM checks for our customer before building the coded Hype Board. So in great circuit we have a dedicated quick turn quote team and program Andagement Team, as well as engineers who can assist customer with Co request, Bill Requirements and engineering solutions. So I will quote on the wrong time can be as far as as two hours. Well, I'll quick tim and it's actually time can be one day. But again, of course it's depending on the complexity and requirement of the specific book. As all this is happening, you're communicating with with the customers what's happening, where, where things are going, where you are in the process.

Correct. Yes, so every step of the way, if I come to green circuits, I'm going to know where my process is, how quickly it is going to be turned around and how things are going with everything from completion to testing. Yes, exactly. So we basically as can, we offer turn key solution. Even if customers do not really have a mature design, we can help them to, you know, finalize the design and then we can build for the customer. That sounds amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us today. Hoiling Pan, the prototype quick turn is welcome. Business Unit manager at Green circuits, if someone is looking to contact you about electronic manufacturing services, what's the best way for them to reach out? So we welcome our customer to visit our website at ww dotquencuxcom, so where they can find all the information and even though, we should true of our company. So of course, if they have more questions and they want... touch days with one of our program manager or even me, they can feel free to call ask at for a five, two, six, One d zero, zero once against Green Circuitscom and you can reach out to them by phone if you would like, for zero eight, five two, six, one seven zero, zero oiling pan. Thank you so much for your time today. Thank you very much.

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